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Bambi Lashes Ltd

Classics eyelash beginner Course Kit

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Elevate your classic lash expertise with our meticulously curated beginner kits, designed for optimal performance when applying lashes for your clients. Our comprehensive kit includes:

  • -2x Flat lash trays featuring mixed lengths (C & CC)
  • Precision tweezers for isolation and pick up
  • An array of essential brushes: mascara wands, micro brushes, and lip brushes
  • High-quality glass lash tile
  • Blue tape for precise application
  • Comfortable eye pads for a seamless experience
  • Professional-grade remover
  • Fast-drying adhesive (1-2 seconds)
  • Primer to enhance longevity
  • Practice doll head for honing your skills.

Equip yourself with these essentials to deliver exceptional classic lash services for your clients. Our carefully selected kit ensures you're prepared for success in the world of classic lash application.